The Heart of Kenyan running
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"Always work to your best, believe in your abilities, your day is coming" - T.K.Limo

The Heart
of Kenyan Running

"Kenya is the best for training" T.J.Lokomwa

The Heart
of Kenyan Running

A winning mix of nature, running, wellness and cultural sharing for incredible unforgettable emotions!


The first running camps in Kenya

with departures arranged from ITALY, CHINA, HONG KONG and all over the world! A winning mix of nature, running, wellness and cultural sharing for incredible unforgettable emotions!
Kenya Running Camp

In the heart of the kenyan highlands

“THE HEART OF KENYAN RUNNING” is a unique journey; through running, it will take you to the heart of the Kenyan highlands, in close contact with the culture and traditions of the world's strongest runners.
Our Running Camp is a growth path, sporting and non, which will make you feel unforgettable emotions. A one-off experience of running, wellness, culture and traditions, the only one of its kind in Kenya with departures arranged from Italy!

Kenya Running Camp

Everyday life just waiting to be discovered

You will have the great opportunity to engage with and experience in full the day-to-day life of Kenyan athletes; you will have the possibility to understand their past, present and future. Together, you will run along the infinite dirt roads, eat together, “confuse yourselves" with them. On Tuesdays and Thursdays of each week we will join the local training groups for the sessions on the beaten track of Tambach and take part in the collective fartlek

Legendary people

The Kenyan people, composed by 42 different tribes, have made SACRIFICE, SIMPLICITY and ESSENTIALITY their strong point.
Despite the poverty which is still widespread and the precarious living conditions of the majority of the population, the people of the legendary Kenyan runners are HAPPY, PROUD and RESPECTFUL. They were “Born to Run” and we are offering you this amazing opportunity to run with them in the Land where “Running is Life”! Run with us in ITEN, Kenya!

Why choose us

A few good reasons for choosing The Heart of Kenyan Running 
for your Running Camps in Kenya!

Italian professionalism and reliability

Our running camps are organised by a private company, T.T.S. srl (stands for Territory Tourism and Sport) with registered office in Aosta, Italy. It organises tourist, cultural and sporting events, in association with the Born2Run agency of Reggio Emilia and with the High Altitude Training Centre of Iten (Kenya).

Qualified staff

During your stay in Kenya you can always rely on the stable presence of an Italian organiser, interpreter and translator and on local qualified staff, ready to give you a warm welcome to Kenya.

We take the utmost care of each participant

We want each participant to make the most of their experience with us: we will adapt our programme to the specific needs of each runner or accompanying person taking part in the stay!


The running camps

The running camps in Kenya with exclusive departure from Italy organised by T.T.S. Srl (Territorio Turismo Sport) of Aosta, in association with the BORN2RUN agency of Reggio Emilia, offer you two weeks of sport, wellness, adventure, culture and tradition in the heart of Kenya.

The initiative meets the needs of all levels of runners, beginners, amateurs and professionals. Individuals will have the opportunity to train respecting their own rhythms and training programmes. On your outings, you will always be led and accompanied by Kenyan pacers; each day, they will take you along endless routes of beaten ground in the surroundings of Iten, the legendary Home of Champions which has been welcoming professional athletes and runners from all over the world for many years.


The location which has been attentively selected to welcome the participants is the beautiful and well-equipped facility of the High Altitude Training Centre of Iten, founded by Lornah Kiplagat. In addition to the full-board accommodation, the HTAC makes available to guests free use of the swimming pool, the gym, sauna and the private tartan track which is 2.5 km from the centre.

All the activities that complement the running training sessions, namely strengthening, joint mobility, abdominal sessions, etc, will be held in the HATC by local professional trainers.


More than sport

During the running camp time will also be dedicated to theoretical seminars, which will tackle themes connected to the training methods and engaging with the methods adopted in Kenya rather than in Western countries, but also issues that deal with the cultural aspects of the people of Kenyan runners, their origins, traditions, customs, aspirations for a future which allows them to emerge and redeem themselves from the poverty they were born into.

“The Heart of Kenyan Running” wants to be a technical training camp and, above all, a unique opportunity to engage in and become acquainted with a reality that is different from our day-to-day life. There is plenty to learn and you will surely be won over by its simplicity, pride, and incredible strength of spirit.


Beyond running

During their stay in Iten participants will be given the opportunity to visit traditional villages and schools, for a more comprehensive knowledge of the area and its culture.

For family members and those accompanying runners an alternative programme will be organised in which the running training sessions will be replaced by the possibility of walks in the company of some local pacers who will take those interested along shorter dirt roads. 

The food is totally natural: only local products are used at HATC. The runners and their families or accompanying friends can taste the extreme simplicity of the local food every day. It is light and nutritious, simply ideal for a healthy diet.

They were “Born to run” and we are offering you this incredible opportunity to run with them in the land where running is life! Run with us in Iten, Kenya!

The staff

A team of qualified and competent staff is ready to guide you, step by step, through this extraordinary adventure!
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Chiara Raso is The Heart of Kenyan Running Co-founder and CEO in Italy, Head of Administration office and Group leader

Chiara Raso is Federal Instructor for Athletics and responsible for organising all the sport tourism events at Aosta’s TTS srl. Chiara is a former athlete, she was part of the Italian national Ski mountaineering team and former athlete of the Centro Sportivo Esercito (Sporting division of the Italian Army). She has an in-depth knowledge of Kenya, its culture and traditions. Her life partner was Thomas James Lokomwa, international athlete with a personal best of 60’33” over the half-marathon distance, running under 61’ for 4 times in his career, whose life was sadly cut short by a fatal car accident in September 2016.

TTS srl and The Heart of Kenyan Running Management in Italy

All those who wish to live the unique experience of a running camp in Iten, the “Home of Champions” in Kenya, a country with boundless highlands and the birthplace of the great champions of the world elite in the various running disciplines, can contact Chiara at the management of T.T.S. srl Aosta (

Group Leader

Chiara always accompanies the groups of runners who depart from Italy and will be their contact person in Iten, where she will guarantee full participation in all the activities of the training sessions even for those who do not speak English, thanks to the simultaneous translations of all the contents provided to the participants by the local Kenyan technical staff.

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Timothy Limo is The Heart of Kenyan Running Co-founder and Director in Iten, Head Coach and Head of Guest Relations

Timothy Limo is first of all a professional élite athlete specialised in fast middle-distance running, particularly 800 m, as well as key trainer of the Lornah Kiplagat Sports Academy at the High Altitude Training Centre of Iten (Kenya).
He decided to found his own company “The Heart of Kenyan Running” in 2018 to share the best of his great experience both as an athlete and as a coach with runners and young talents from all over the world.
The aim of his personal project is to spot and nurture new talents in running as well as welcoming group of foreign runners to Kenya: Timo leads people coming from different countries and continents on a unique experience which is going to reveal to them what the heart of kenyan running really and truly is.

As Co-founder and Director of The Heart of Kenyan Running in Iten, Timo is the one who really leads the running camps hosted at the High Altitude Training Centre in Iten. Supervising carefully the designing of all the details of our running camps activities, Timo is the one who coordinates all local staff members in order to ensure that each of our guest may make the most out of their experience with us.
As Head Coach, Timo supervises the training program of our camps and he designs all specific sessions on track and in the gym, as an essential part of our guests’ training. Thanks to Timo’s high level and professional coaching, we can well ensure that runners of all levels will experience outstanding improvement in their running technique at the end of their stay in Iten.
As Head of Guest Relations, Timo also supervises the guests’ welcome to Iten easing their integration into to a new place and culture.

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Ian Kiprono is The Heart of Kenyan Running’s resource and assistant coach, Training and Cultural Program assistant designer.

When talking about Ian Kiprono the association to his name comes naturally: a place, St-Patrick’s High School Iten (Keiyo District, Rift Valley Province in Kenya) and a legendary coach, the Irish missionary Patrician Brother Colm O’ Connell.

Before introducing Ian himself a short presentation of St-Patrick’s school and Brother O’ Colm is therefore necessary.

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Hao Zhang

Hao is The Heart of Kenyan Running’s agent in China, C.E.O. OF his OWN company iTYAN, providing services for all sports outdoor experience around the world.

As an amateur runner, Hao has developed a strong passion for outdoor sports, athletics and training which brought him to closely follow the development of marathon in China. He has therefore soon realized that the legendary champions of distance running mainly come from the regions of Eastern Africa, in particularly Kenya. Fascinated by Kenyan runners’ supremacy in the major road running races in the world, Hao did not hesitated to start researching which the secrets lay behind the amazing results of African distance runners and had his first trip to Kenya in March 2017.

At that time, staying in Iten at the High Altitude Training Centre of Lornah Kiplagat, he met Chiara, The Heart of Kenyan Running co-founder, and enjoyed the gym training session held by Timothy Limo, Head Coach and co-founder of The Heart of Kenyan Running. Once back home Hao decided to get in touch with Chiara and started planning some special trips to Kenya specifically designed for Chinese amateur runners and Chinese guests. “Africa is far and mysterious for Chinese people, I would like to offer them the chance to discover Kenya and the secrets of Kenyan running in safely and enjoyable way” Hao thought. That is how Hao became an important member of The Heart of Kenyan Running team, being the main agent of the company in China, his own home country.

All Chinese guests interested in jumping on board and live their experience of a lifetime may contact Hao at iTYAN company website

Besides being a runner, Hao has a keen interest in several sports: he can practice Kung Fu, Muay Thai as well as Taekwondo. As a lone rider, he also completed a cycling tour of Japan in 2013 camping from place to place. In 2015 he successfully led a university student team on a mountain trip reaching the altitude of 4923m of Minya Kanka. In 2016, he led another student team on a trekking across the Shennongjia Forestry District, one of the most mysterious natural sites in China.

In his everyday life Hao has just completed his job as a university lecturer. In 2018 he founded the Haoworks Corporation providing design services. In the same year, after becoming a member of The Heart of Kenyan Running, he also founed his own company iTYAN, providing sports and tourism solutions to Chinese runners and outdoor sports lovers.

Wong Ka Ming

Wong Ka Ming

Wong is a sports coach, organiser of overseas training camp and races and founder of his own company ATP Sports Ltd. He is the head manager of The Heart of Kenyan Running Camps in Hong Kong.

Wong's contribution to our project is very precious as he has acquired a good knowledge of Kenya, where he has been several times by now, learning the culture and tradition of the legendary Kenyan runners, visiting different places in the country and different training camps in the aerea of Iten, Eldoret and Ngong.

Among his many Coach Awards:

  • The "Abbott World Marathon Six Majors", as he has been the 12th Hong Kong runner to complete the six Majors in the world;
  • the 2007-2010 and the 2010-2014 Outstanding Community Coach Award (Athletics) by the Hong Kong Coaching Committee;
  • the 2016 (10 year) Long Service Award by the Hong Kong Amateur Association and the 2016 Triathlon Coach Award by the Hong Kong Triathlon Association

Wong is also a member of the Hong Kong Red Cross, he owns a Bronze Medallion Certificate by the Hong kong Life Saving Society, he is a Hiking Leader of the Hong Kong Outdoor Society and he owns the certificate as Adventure Based Activities Trainer in the Salvation Army of Hong Kong.

Wong Ka Ming leads the group of leisure runners from Hong Kong to Kenya for The Heart of Kenyan Running.


For the Running Camps, we are delighted to have the exclusive presence of Dr. Matteo Simone, who will hold in-depth sessions on sport psychology (see calendar of departures).
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Matteo Simone

He is a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, specialised in emergency psychology and sport psychology. 

He is also a journalist and author of numerous non-fiction publications that deal with sport psychology and physical exercise, resilience development, ultra marathon runners, development of internal resources and self-efficacy.


He is also a runner, ultramarathon runner and tri-athlete ironman. 

Dr. Simone gives a fundamental human and professional contribution to “The Heart of Kenyan Running”.

The Mission

The Heart of Kenyan Running

The goal

The goal and Mission of “The Heart of Kenyan Running” is to organise Running Camps for Italian Runners of all levels, amateurs and professionals, in Kenya, in association with the High Altitude Training Centre of Iten, the famous “Home of Champions” of the world’s strongest Kenyan runners.

One journey, a wide range of experiences

The Heart of Kenyan Running offers organisational and technical support to groups who will depart from Italy, to allow all participants to live a unique experience in a magical place for running, Kenya, birthplace of the world’s best marathon runners.   The journey will also be an opportunity to discover distant people and to share many cultural aspects connected not only to training but also to daily life.

The highlands of the Great Rift Valley

All the participants, including accompanying persons or family members of the runners, will have the opportunity to stay and train at altitude on the magnificent highlands of the Great Rift Valley, one of the most fascinating regions of Kenya, and to run or walk on the routes beaten daily by the legendary Kenyan champions, the strongest runners par excellence, particularly in road running disciplines.

Why choose The Heart of Kenyan Running

An experience we recommend all running enthusiasts should take advantage of at least once in their life: THE HEART OF KENYAN RUNNING is a unique journey, focused on running, wellness, competition and/or on simply practicing sport, discovering new cultures and traditions, which will enrich you immensely in human and cultural terms. WE LOOK FORWARD TO MEETING YOU… DEPART WITH US!

The story

The Heart of Kenyan Running

How The Heart of Kenyan Running was born

In March 2017 Chiara went back to Kenya for the first time alone after the loss of Lokomwa.

“I was still going through a lot of pain and a very difficult time after my partner’s death. But my love for Kenya brought me there again. After six months after the tragic event, I simply felt that I needed to spend some time in that country which had become my second home place. Since I was travelling alone I decided to stay in Iten, at Lornah Kiplagat’s High Altitude Training Centre, where training camps for foreign runners were regularly organised.

That is when I met for the first time Timothy Limo, élite runner and head coach at the Lornah Kiplagat Sports Academy. During my first stay at the HATC I had the chance to appreciate Timo’s great work both as athlete and as a coach. Watching how easily he could immediately relate to people from all over the world, overcoming any cultural difference, and how naturally he was able to coach and motivate the athletes who are training with him, I thought that he was born with the talent of being a leader.

After my stay in March 2017 I came back to Iten other times: I must be grateful to Timo, who pushed me to work on a project dedicated to the Kenyan runners and to the locals in Iten, with the aim of making a positive social impact on the local area through running.”

The ultimate aim of The Heart of Kenyan Running

The ultimate aim of The Heart of Kenyan Running is in fact to create job opportunity to the locals, to show them that through work and commitment they can rise up from their hardships and poor conditions of living.

We are a proper company, not a charity

We intentionally didn't want to found a charity or a NGO but a proper company to start making a change in the perception of life of the Kenyan runners who will work with us.

They are not poorer than people living in the western countries, they have talents which they must develop and let blossom in order to make wise use of them. The way we think always affects the way we live. It is by making small changes to our everyday routine that we can achieve success.
If they keep thinking that they need help from someone else they put themselves in a condition to be exploited.
If they start thinking that they have all means and qualities to succeed they will fight for their goals, relying on their own strengths.
That’s why we want to give them a job, not a charity, we would like to show them that they all have means to rise up from poverty.".


The Heart of Kenyan Running: 2019 calendar

Discover the dates available so as not to miss the only running camp in Kenya with departures from Italy:

January 2019

  • Book your preferred number of training weeks
    in dates at your choice from 5 January to 12 January!

March 2019

  • Book your preferred number of training weeks
    in dates at your choice from 1 March to 13 March!

June 2019

  • Book your preferred number of training weeks
    in dates at your choice from 15 June to 27 June!

August 2019

  • Book your preferred number of training weeks
    in dates at your choice from 8 August to 21 August!

October 2019

01/10 - 13/10
  • Book your preferred number of training weeks
    in dates at your choice from 1st October to 13 October!

December 2019

20/12 - 12/01
  • Book your preferred number of training weeks
    in dates at your choice from 20th December 2019 to 12 January 2020!

At your choice

Minimum 8 participants
from january to december
  • Special Formula

    You want to take advantage of your stay in Iten
    to prepare you for competitive tests to support
    in a certain period of the year?
    For groups of runners or sports teams
    with a minimum of 8 participants
    possibility to request the organization
    of running camp on dates you select.


The prices vary depending on length of stay: choose the package which suits you best!


8-night stay

Cost for activities and 8 nights stay,
in full board, at the Itat HATC
excluding air flight


12-night stay

Cost per activity and stay of 13 nights,
in full board,
at the Itat HATC excluding air flight*

Hong Kong Running Package

10 days

For activities and 7 nights stay
in full board at the HATC
plus 1 night stay at the 4 stars
hotel in Nairobi city with visit of the
Giraffe Centre
Including al the air flight
(Emirates airline/domestic airline)

How to participate

The bookings for the selected week of Running Camp must be made 1 month before the start of the training. The participant can choose whether to participate all week or just to four or two days.


All those who are interested in participating can contact us for information at the following telephone numbers:
+39 3401931657 (Chiara), +39 3275341952 (TTS)


For registrations and bookings please contact our secretary at +39 3275341952

Lokomwa Testimonails

"Whatever happens in my life, I will always have my running"

T.J. Lokomwa
Lokomwa Testimonails

"Kenya is the best for training"

T.J. Lokomwa

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